Catherine Thompson


The first funeral I spoke at was my mother’s, I was 18 and she had died suddenly aged 40 . Interestingly many people fear public speaking more than death and would prefer to be in the coffin rather than deliver the Eulogy. It Is only now as a look back with adult eyes I realise what an enormous ask it was but I have no regrets as I know I honoured my mother that day. Speaking candidly, it was not a completely high risk strategy, I had certain confidence and a penchant for the limelight even then and my Dad knew it

They say when applying our talents it’s like breathing, we do not see ourselves as special because it comes easily. I have always had a talent for communication and after doggedly persevering to train as a counsellor for several years, reasoning that it must be doing me good because I disliked it so much. A wise soul pointed out that when considering any future career options, I should charge people to hear me speak rather than the other way round. Whilst my ego bridled a tad they were right!

I have never taken the direct route up the mountain preferring the white knuckle or the meandering ascent. All of that rich and hard won experience and wisdom informs my work. As a civil celebrant presiding over not only funerals but weddings and naming services too. I take great pleasure in creating and executing an elegant and enriching experience which befits the occasion and respects those we gather to honour and celebrate with.

Just like Dr Who I have reincarnated in many careers, high level Sales, photojournalist ,executive coach. I am currently President of my local speakers club and run training and development programmes from my home The Divine Dairy