Suzi Lauder


Hello my name is Suzi,

I come from a  big family, so the ceremonies that mark the passing of the years – christenings, weddings and funerals – come hand in hand with that. Whatever the situation, I’ve never cared much for other people standing up and talking about my family – people they’d never met,  let alone really known – as part of a ceremony that marked a watershed in our lives! It was ‘generic’ and impersonal – and the truth was we all knew that on some of those occasions, they could have been talking about anyone….

I was always the family ‘entertainer’, and I went on to become a professional singer, as a result I’ve sung at more than my fair share of weddings, and a fair few funerals in the last 25 years.  My interest in music led me into songwriting, which prompted many friends to ask me to write songs, music and poems for their happy and sad family times. This blossomed into a second career, and for many years I have been writing songs, words and poetry to help people express their feelings on momentous family occasions.

We have all experienced a “good” wedding, or a “good” funeral, and we may also have experienced the opposite. What makes it a “good” one is the feeling of family and occasion, where we can do something special and meaningful for the people we love.

I can help you to find the way to say what you want and need to say. I capture the essence of the people and the occasion, and make the ceremony as unique as your family – whether you’re welcoming a new member into your family with a baby naming ceremony and requiring a lullaby written, or it’s your big day and you are  wanting a perfect wedding, maybe it’s saying a final fair well  to a loved one. These “once in a lifetime” occasions and can often feel stressful and overwhelming, the things that really matter need to be expressed and sensitively dealt with …… and that’s my job – and what I do best . Your ceremony must be personal, meaningful and uplifting – a celebration of the life and times shared!

As a trained Counsellor  I feel I have an even deeper understanding of people and the uniqueness of each and every one of us and these are the skills I will use to do my very best for you, and your family ,when you trust me to arrange your special ceremony.

P.s. I hope to meet you soon.